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Annual Fund Donor Challenge!

A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has agreed to the following:

For every Western Academy family that makes a donation to the 2014-2015 Annual Fund by December 31, 2014, a $500 donation will be made to Western Academy. The entire donation will be paid by January 15, 2015.

As of today’s date, 57 Western Academy families have made a donation to the Annual Fund. This is an exciting challenge for the WA community!

Our two goals are within reach: we have raised over $140,000 toward our $200,000 goal. Our second goal is to reach 100% WA participation. If you have not given to the Annual Fund, please consider a gift.

Give to the Annual Fund today!


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  • Calendar above will be updated to reflect days when there is "NO MASS", but you may also call the school to double check if Mass has been cancelled.

Western Academy is a private, independent, liberal arts, lower and middle school for boys.


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